Pioneer Valley Driving School


Photo of the Pioneer Valley Driving School staff, students and car

Our business office will be closed from July 3rd to July 11th and will reopen on July 12th.
Your messages will not be answered until we return on July 12th.
Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday remembering that we are already into the “100 deadliest days of summer”

I hope everyone is doing the best they can through this historical COVID-19 crisis. Because we are offering our driver ed classes ONLINE, our schedule has changed.

AMHERST & NORTHAMPTON schedules have been MERGED and are as follows:

Online Student ClassOnline Parent Class
October 1st to October 22nd
Friday-Friday, 6-8 pm
Septeber 29, 2021
November 1st to November 19th
Monday-Friday, 6-8 pm
October 27, 2021
December 1st to December 21st
Wednesday-Tuesday, 6-8 pm
November 30, 2021

* Class schedules on the following pages have been edited to reflect the new dates and times.

If you have any questions or wish to REGISTER for an ONLINE CLASS or ONLINE PARENT CLASS, please leave a message at 413-253-7432 or email us at We will respond as soon as possible.

We will resume our on-road lessons, cautiously, on 6/9/20. Our plan is to begin scheduling those students that were first to be cancelled back in March. We are anxious to get back to lessons, keeping in mind that the health of students and instructors will take priority. Students and instructors are required to wear masks on lessons, using hand sanitizer before and after each lesson. Cars will be disinfected after each student. Social distancing is obviously impossible, so if you are not comfortable with this process we will understand. Under no circumstances do we want anyone, student or instructor, to come to a lesson if he or she is feeling ill or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

To schedule lessons, please text us at 413-362-0994, or email: